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Steam Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This video of extreme steam carpet cleaning shows how soiled carpet can get. Steam cleaning has been around for decades.  It's hot water, not steam, that cleans the carpet.  The name steam cleaning is derived from the steam that comes out of the cleaning wand as the hot water exits the spray nozzles.  The steam blocks you from seeing the hot water sprayed onto the carpet.  So carpet cleaners adopted the steam carpet cleaning name to make it sound more powerful.  Steam cleaning sounds more powerful than hot water cleaning. 

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL, we use a low moisture steam carpet cleaning system that uses heat and carbonated water to clean heavily soiled carpets like the one in the video.  Our carpet cleaning system uses the power of heat to magnify the cleaning power of our carbonated cleaning solution.  Imagine taking club soda and heating it to 180 degrees. That's what we use to clean carpets. It's a lot more powerful than cold cleaning carpets.

Steam carpet cleaning relies on heat and pressure to clean. The more pressure used the more moisture is added to the carpet.  Chem-Dry of Tampa uses low pressure and heat to remove more soil than your typical steam carpet cleaner.  Our carbonated cleaning solution is the key to getting a more powerful carpet cleaning without all the moisture. That translates to a really good cleaning without all the drying time associated with steam cleaning. 

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