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Steam Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

As a professional steam carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I get a lot of questions about steam cleaning in general.  The question I get asked the most is "Do you use actual steam for cleaning?" The simple answer is "No." Although, the generic term is steam cleaning in most cases carpet is cleaned through a method called Hot Water Extraction or HWE. Carpets are cleaned by spraying water that has been heated up to 190 degrees then extracted with powerful truck mounted vacuums. 

This video shows how to spot clean a small area of carpet using a high pressure steam cleaner. This is not your typical carpet steam cleaning. This person is using high heat steam and an absorbent pad to lift a stain from the carpet. This works great on smaller stains that easily liquefy with extreme heat.  There is no high power vacuum used to draw out the stain.  

As a traditional steam cleaner I would advise to use the cleaning method in the video with caution, High heat can cause damage to some carpet fiber types destroying the carpet fibers or weakening them significantly. Most carpet manufactures recommend hot water extraction as their preferred cleaning method. True steam cleaning may void your carpet warranty. Make sure to check with your carpet manufacture and follow their guidelines for carpet care and maintenance.

The good news is that traditional steam cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner can easily remove the same type of stain found in the video. 

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