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Steam cleaners Tampa FL

This video shows a professional steam cleaner cleaning heavily soiled carpet. Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction is the most popular type of carpet cleaning in the Tampa FL area.  Steam cleaning can be extremely effective at removing heavy amounts of soil and severe spotting.  There are some draw backs as well.  This steam cleaners video is a good example of some things to avoid. Even though the carpet is coming clean the carpet is getting soaked.  The amount of moisture being used can be up to 10 gallons per room.  That means an awful lot of water is reaching the carpet pad underneath. The more moisture that get's in to the pad the longer it takes to dry, putting your carpet at home at risk for mold and bacteria growth.  

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we have a powerful steam cleaning system that uses 80% less water than your typical steam cleaners.  Our system use a hot carbonated solution that is extremely effective at breaking down tough stains and spots.  The millions of bubbles suspended in our solution scrubs the carpet and allows for easy extraction.  Hot carbonated extraction, as we call it, is still steam cleaning but with better dry times. Our cleaning solution is applied with a low pressure sprayer so no moisture gets to the carpet pad underneath. Your carpet will dry in about 2 hours looking better than it ever has before.  

looking for steam cleaners in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.