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Tile Cleaning Services Tampa FL

This video shows you how well professional tile cleaning services get your grout and tile looking like new again. The tool being used is a high pressure extraction spinner. It pressure washes the tile floor at 1200psi while vacuuming up the waste water as it removes the dirt and grime from the grout. The part that is not being shown is how they have to prep the floor before the wash ans extraction tool is brought in.

First, the grout should be checked to make sure there are no coatings or sealants that could be removed by the cleaning process. They should also be checked for any type of colorant to make sure it wont peal off while cleaning.  A good tile cleaning service will cover and tape off any appliances, metal fixtures, or other surfaces that might come in contact with the solutions used for cleaning.

The should be swept or vacuumed of any lose debris or soil. This will allow the solutions and extractor to have better contact with the tile and grout surfaces. A cleaning solution is then sprayed on to the tile to emulsify and loosen the surface soil so it can easily removed by the extraction tool. After the cleaning solution dwells for about 10 mins all the tile and grout lines get brushed to ensure even coverage and proper emulsification. Finally the the solution and soil get extracted by the pressure washing vacuum. The final step is what you see in the video above.

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we finish the process by sealing all the grout with a penetrating sealant. This makes the grout water resistant and keeps it from re-soiling for up to a year.

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