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Tile Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows you how to clean tile and grout using an acidic tile and grout cleaner.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL, we do a lot of tile cleaning for our commercial and residential customers. We go another route and use a high alkaline tile cleaner. It's safer for the person doing the cleaning and removes all the soil without removing grout.  

When using an acidic tile cleaning solution you are actually etching the grout. This means the cleaner is actually removing a fine layer of grout on the surface.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa, we use an acidic cleaner to etch grout for recoloring or to remove stained grout. The rest of the time grout can easily be cleaned with a high alkaline cleaner.  

One of the first comments under this video is from a viewer who mentioned that if you're using a strong acidic cleaner you should probably wear gloves. I can't stress this enough. You always want to wear gloves with either high or low pH cleaners, as either can burn your skin.  

It should also be noted that if your tile cleaning with a really strong cleaner, like the one in the video, you should tape off or cover your stainless steel appliances.  High and low pH cleaners can easily damage stainless steel.  

No matter what you use to clean your tile floor, make sure to be cautious because tile and grout cleaning solutions are powerful and should be used cautiously.  

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