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Upholstery Cleaner Tampa FL

I usually don't share videos that are over two and half minutes in length, but this video shows how to make an upholstery cleaner that misses the mark completely.  I clean upholstery in Tampa FL for a living and I can tell you that upholstery comes in too many variations for one simple solution. First, make sure that if your going to tackle cleaning your own upholstery that you use a proper upholstery cleaning solution and make sure to test it in an a hidden area before cleaning.  Upholstery cleaners are designed to be applied and removed in a specific way and you should always follow the instructions on the bottle.

The cleaner the video host is using is not a safe cleaner and should not be used on any upholstered furniture.  The sofa in the video is a polyester based microfiber fabric and it can handle a lot of abuse. If the sofa in the video was covered in an acrylic or cotton based material it would have been stained blue by the cleaning solution. I have seen it in too many homes.  People using laundry and dish soap on furniture and creating permanent damage.  Even water used in the wrong material can cause permanent staining and water marking.  

I don't recommend using a DIY upholstery cleaner you've found online. Especially if the person in the video is not a professional upholstery cleaner.  If your furniture is starting to look soiled it's a good idea to call a professional upholstery cleaner to have it done correctly.  You've made an investment in your furniture, trust a professional to take care of it for you.

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