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Upholstery Cleaner Tampa FL

This video compares a couple consumer carpet and upholstery cleaners being used to clean a microfiber sofa. The video authors only sprayed the sofas with the upholstery cleaners they did not bother to brush or extract the cleaning solution.  They followed the directions on the bottle and ultimately that was their failure.  

Those upholstery cleaners are only designed for spot cleaning upholstery.  They are not meant for total surface cleaning. Anytime a cleaner is applied to upholstery it should be removed or extracted. In the video they did blot the surface after applying the cleaner in an attempt to remove the spots in the microfiber. The directions on the bottle say to blot the cleaner after applying it.  Blotting up cleaner is the correct way to spot clean but it's an ineffective way to extract the amount of upholstery cleaner they applied to the sofa.

I'm a professional upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL and I can tell you for an effective microfiber cleaning the sofa should be rinsed. It should have water sprayed on it to remove the cleaning agent and then dried with a towel. Any of the products they tested would have done a fine job cleaning if they had rinsed and towel dried the sofa. So it wasn't the products that did a poor job of cleaning the sofa it was the method they used.  In their defense they followed the directions but those directions are only for spot cleaning only.  

Either way, I don't recommend those upholstery cleaners because they will leave a residue behind and the sofa will quickly re-soil.

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