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Okay, have to put this video on my do not do list.  Although, isopropyl alcohol will remove stains from your Micro fiber sofa it's also a very strong solvent.  I use it to clean my electric razor on a daily basis.  But even using it to clean my razor I add a significant amount of water to the mix to dilute the amount of alcohol being used.  There is no reason to use it straight out of the bottle. As an upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL, and the bay area, I clean a lot of microfiber upholstery, and it's my favorite covering to clean.  It's easy to clean with the right tools and solutions, but it can be damaged by aggressive scrubbing.  Use a softer natural fiber brush when agitating the upholstery. You can also towel dry it to speed up the dry time after cleaning.

If you decide to go forward with cleaning your microfiber sofa as shown in the video please keep in mind that isopropyl is very flammable so use it with caution, especially around candles or other open flames.  I would not recommend using it straight. I would suggest cutting the it to a 1:4 ratio of isopropyl alcohol and water. This will help keep your sofa soft and still remove as much soil as if it were used straight.  But, as a professional upholstery cleaner I would not suggest this method of cleaning.  A safer and extremely powerful cleaning mixture that is better for your furniture would be 2 cups of carbonated water and 1/2 teaspoon of dish washing soap. If you use it in the same way they show in the video you will get excellent results.

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