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As a upholstery cleaning professional in Tampa FL I had to post this video of an microfiber upholstery cleaning. Let me just start by saying if you see an upholstery cleaner getting your sofa this wet while cleaning stop him immediately  . He is using too much pressure and not enough suction on this sofa.  In the video you can see the cleaning solution shooting out from under his upholstery cleaning tool. During a good upholstery cleaning you don't want to see any foam or suds being left behind on the surface. The longer the cleaning solution is left on the surface the more it soaks into the fabric and the padding underneath. Over wetting could lead  to bacteria and possible mold growth. It should be sprayed directly into the path of the cleaning tool for extraction. This minimizes moisture and maximizes the cleaning power. This cleaning looks messy and super wet. 

Another issues with this upholstery cleaning video is how the technician is not overlapping his strokes. When drawing the upholstery cleaning tool across the surface the technician should be overlapping his previous cleaning pas by 50%. He's leaving gaps in between his passes and letting the over sprayed solution run down to fill in the gaps. This means those gap areas are not getting right amount of solution and are not coming clean.

Ultimately this videos shows that even if you have the right tools you can still end up with a bad result. I'm sure this sofa will be alright in the end but it will take much longer to dry than it should have and it wont be as clean.

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