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Upholstery Cleaning Tampa FL

I love to watch upholstery cleaning videos.  Even though I did clean two sofas today I still enjoy watching upholstery get cleaned.  This video looks amazing to see such a dirty looking sofa get so clean.  There is a dirty little secret about this video though.  The upholstery is not as dirty as it seems. Before a professional upholstery cleaner starts the extraction phase of cleaning upholstery. They start by pre-spraying the sofa first so that soils will be emulsified and be easier to remove.  When you pre-spray upholstery it gets very dark and can look really dirty. 

So what your seeing in the video is an upholstery cleaner doing a good job cleaning, but the sofa is not as dirty as it appears.  The only way to know how dirty the sofa was is to see it dry without any pre-spray on it.  Now I'm certain that this sofa was fairly dirty because after he does his extraction passes the sofa still has some darker areas that didn't come clean on the first pass. It's just not as dirty as you might have expected.  

I clean upholstery on a daily basis, as a matter of fact, I'm cleaning a large sectional tomorrow in Tampa FL. It can be relaxing to get upholstery clean and knowing when you're finished the upholstery will look almost brand new again.  If you've never had your furniture professionally cleaned consider getting it done.  It's usually an amazing transformation.  

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