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Upholstery Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows a professional upholstery cleaning company using a detergent free cleaning solution and a powered brush to clean a sofa.  It seems they are showing how effective their detergent free cleaning solution is.  I must admit as a professional upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL I often use the white towel test to make sure I have removed as much soil as possible when cleaning upholstery.  

From what I can tell of this video the sofa had already been cleaned before he had sprayed their detergent free cleaner on and started to power brush it. There are upholstery tool tracks on the inside of the sofa arm. Those tracks are made during the cleaning process. There was very little change in the soiling before and after the upholstery cleaning technician  brushed the sofa. The last thing that I should point out about this video is that the cleaning solution is designed to liquify the soils on the sofa but it would still need to be removed with extraction or low speed buffing to make sure the soil does not re-appear as the sofa dries.

I cannot say whether or not this was a successful upholstery cleaning I could not see significant change in the upholstery, nor did I see any extraction of the soiled areas.

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