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Urine Odor Removal Tampa FL

This video show how to use the Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator for urine odor removal. I clean carpet professionally in Tampa FL and I can tell you that any enzyme based urine odor removal treatment needs to be poured into the carpet to be effective.  You can't remove urine odors by treating the carpet only the urine in the pad needs to be treated as well. I'm not sure how well the rug doctor's urine eliminator enzyme works on pet urine but I can tell you that if you don't pour it on the spot it's not going solve the odor problem.

Any spray on urine treatment is not going to go deep enough into the carpet pad to remove the real problem. When urine gets deposited into carpet it doesn't just stay in the carpet it moves down into the pad underneath. If the urine isn't treated there as well then the odor will remain. If your looking for a tough enzyme based urine odor remover I highly recommend Chem-Dry's World Famous Pet Odor Remover. This treatment works great on fresh urine stains. It can be used to remove other odors as well. I have used it in my home for years and it never fails to remove urine odors from carpet and upholstery. It's even safe enough to use on your wool area rugs.

It's designed to be pour right onto the carpet so it penetrates in to the carpet pad below, treating the real urine problem. Within 24 hours the urine odor and stain are completely gone out of both the carpet and the pad. 

I you need professional urine odor removal call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL