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Urine Removal Tampa FL

This urine removal video shows the back side of carpet that has been severely damaged by pet urine.  The video goes through some of the issues that are associated with urine removal jobs.  The video talks about how urine in the carpet cannot just be simply cleaned with a urine removal product it needs to be cleaned in a way that makes sure all layers of flooring are treated for urine contamination.  

In this video they are talking about severe pet urine contamination.  In many cases urine removal can be performed without the drama of removing the carpet and carpet pad, but serve cases could require carpet and pad removal. I have treated thousands of Tampa FL homes for urine contamination and each situation is unique and can require a different approach to remove the urine.  The last resort is complete removal of the soft surfaces and then treating the sub floor.  

In the urine removal video it's recommended to odor seal the sub floor to trap the remaining odors.  I do not recommend odor sealing the sub floor. I have been in too many Tampa FL homes were the floor has been odor sealed and odor is still there.  Our preferred method of dealing with sub floor odor is to treat it with a urine neutralizer and then pressure wash and extract the area to insure that odor has been taken care of.  This method gets rid of the odor and remaining urine trapped in the sub floor.  

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