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Washing a Wool Rug at Home Tampa FL

I think Erica is really sweet and has good intentions by sharing her wool rug cleaning knowledge, but please don't follow her advice in this video. If you're thinking of washing a wool rug at home please make sure that you do not take a hose to your rug without first consulting a professional rug cleaner. She does mention checking your rug for colorfastness to make sure the rug wont be damaged by using the cleaning mixture she recommends, but by then it might already be to late.

As a professional rug cleaner in Tampa FL even I won't soak a wool rug with out testing it to make sure that it wont be damaged by a wet cleaning process. I can't tell you the number of times I have been called to a customers home because they have spilled something, even water, on their fine wool rug and the colors have started to migrate to another area of the rug. This is sometimes referred to as color bleeding and any liquid can cause it to happen. Professional rug cleaners understand how to safe guard against this type of problem, and even we get it wrong sometimes.

If your steadfast about washing a wool rug at home then there are some precautions you need to take before you start. you need to have an area big enough to completely lay out your rug, not only for cleaning but drying as well. Wool rugs can absorb an amazing amount of moisture and can take up to a week to dry out, even with air moving equipment.  before wetting your rug with water or cleaning solution you need to test a small area to make sure the dies are locked into the fiber so your rug wont get damaged when wet. if you get any transfer of color to your test cloth stop and call a professional rug cleaner to come out and evaluate your wool rug to determine if its safe to wet clean. If there is no color transfer then proceed cautiously and be prepared for it to take a long time to dry.

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