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Wool Carpet Stain Removal in Tampa FL

Wool rugs are diverse in style and color, while being hypoallergenic. Unlike silk, a wool rug is much more durable, handling high traffic much better than many other rugs with proper care this durable fabric will have a long lasting life span.

If you have a busy household with multiple people, pets and frequent guests a wool rug just may be the smartest investment you can make.  How do you keep it looking its best and preserve its beauty and value? Here’s how.

Shake Out Your Rug, Frequently.

Rugs require frequent maintenance. Because of wool’s durability, begin by shaking it out o ns regular basis. At least once a week shake the dirt and dust particles out of your rug. This will help keep the dirt from becoming encased in the rug’s fibers. If a stain does occur, check the instruction labels from the manufacturer, it may allow you to gently clean the rug yourself.

This Gentle Cleaning Procedure Could Be Used Between Professional Cleanings

When it comes to wool rugs professional cleanings are a must. Your rug is an investment, and getting it cleaned the right way will prevent further damage and the elimination of the stains.

Start by using a gentle approach. You may be tempted to scrub the stain out of the wool fibers. Instead, take just a small bit of warm water and wool-safe detergent to the area and spot clean. Using a white cotton blend towel gently rub the stain in back and forth motion, allowing it to mix with the stain. Then rinse with luke warm water to eliminate any leftover soap. Remove the excess liquid by gently applying pressure with a towel until the spot feels slightly damp.

Watch a video on removing stains from wool carpets

Know When To Clean It Yourself

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