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Zerorez Tampa FL

Looking for Zerorez in Tampa FL? Consider using Chem-Dry of Tampa instead. Both carpet cleaning services offer a green carpet cleaning service, but only Chem-Dry of Tampa's green carpet cleaning system is certified as a green cleaning solution by and an independent third party.  

Chem-Dry offers hot carbonated extraction cleaning service that uses the power of a powerful carbonated cleaning solution called The Natural.  It scrubs carpet fibers using millions of tiny bubbles, lifting the soil to surface of the carpet for easy extraction. The highly carbonated solution is so powerful there is no need for soaps, detergents, or any other toxins to clean the carpet. As a matter of fact there are no dirt attracting residues in Chem-Dry's cleaning solution. No dirt attracting residues means your carpets stays cleaner longer.

Zerorez uses a specially treated water, called empowered water, that has no soaps or detergents as well. Their big selling point is that they leave no residues behind in the carpet, so carpets stay cleaner longer.  They're both sounding pretty much the same at this point, but Chem-Dry of Tampa has another great benefit with their cleaning system. It's completely low pressure.  There is no need to pressure wash the carpet to get the soil out.  Low pressure means that the very little moisture is used in the cleaning process and the carpets dry in an average of two hours.  In Tampa FL's humid climate less moisture in the carpet is the best way to keep your clean carpets cleaner.  

If you need carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.